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little red doll

have you tried a pair of slink feet compatible shoes yet? i just got these awesome platforms from dilly dolls and i am in LOVE.


more stores need to do this. seriously, i don’t know if i can wear shoes that only work with system feet anymore. i am pretty spoiled with these!


i am also wearing a pair of really cool eyes from nomine. i am always happy to see nomine making new stuff! these are a must have. there are so many different styles and customization options! you will definitely be seeing more of these eyes on me.

shopping list:

hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Teichmann – Equinox
eyes: Nomine Mesh Stained Doll Eyes
skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Petal edition – Clean D
hands/feet: Slink
lashes: .ploom. Lashes 2 – Skin Addiction Gift

shirt: ~Sassy!~ Sassy Sez M – Tease
shorts: :::Sn@tch Feline Shorts (Red-Large):::
shoes: *DD* Allo Platforms
choker: *BOOM* Precious Bow Choker

the eyes have it

so last time i blogged about my favourite prim eyes. this time i’ll be blogging about my favourite non-prim eyes.

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before we get into the crazy eyes i’ll start with the eyes i wear when i want to be normal (as if i can be normal :p). exodi makes these really beautiful eyes that sparkle and have a realistic feel to them. i love that the iris looks kinda like glitter and the shine on the eyes make them look wet like real eyes.

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these are my staple eyes. i usually prefer to wear red eyes but of all the red eyes i have, these are my favourite. unfortunately i have not been able to find this store inworld for some time. these eyes have a really pretty glassy effect that remind me slightly of a doll’s eyes.

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i got these eyes in a big fatpack at frick a while back. i’m not sure if they are still up for sale but if they are go get them because the price is great and you get a bunch of really cool eyes. i’m always on the look out for eyes with black sclera and weird irises and these fit both of those!

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this last pair of eyes was specially made for me by nara tairov. she sent me the yellow ones that she made for 50L fridays and i asked for green and so i got green 😀 nara is working on animal eyes and so far she has made some really amazing ones! this is the only pair of goat/sheep eyes i have ever seen in my entire 3 almost 4 years of second life. bug her and tell her you want them for sale!

shopping list:

exodi – look into my (frozen margarita)(lg/v)
-fantajecca-eye – typeB red2 (no longer in sl)
{frick} – Vengeance 1
turquoise unicorn studios– Baa Ram Yew Eyes – Limey (not for sale…yet)

The Eye Of the Beholder

i’ve often been complemented on my eyes. i tend to own a very strange mix of them, so i figured i would showcase a few that i really love. some of these were gifts, some of these were hunt items, so i can’t promise that all of them are still available in world. i do want to thank these awesome creators for going outside the norm when it comes to eyes! this is going to be a 2 part blog. the first part is going to focus on my favourite prim eyes!

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i’ll start with my fave of all favourite prim eyes. now i’m putting down that their store is night ghast, but they used to be under the name numinos. these eyes were made by nebulosus severine and were passed to me directly from her. i have no idea if they are for sale or if they have ever actually been for sale but she has some really awesome prim eyes and regular eyes among her creations so if her store is still around i recommend checking it out.

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my second favourite pair of prim eyes are the “ice eyes” by AVid. they are really hard to photograph because of their glow but under the glowing prims is an eye with an awesome ice texture. adding the glow prim adds some interesting effects to the eye, they look much better when not zoomed in very close like i have here.

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these “HAL eyes” from burning chrome are another fave of mine. they are from the 2009 twisted hunt and i am not sure if they are available for sale. i love these eyes because i love the movie they pay homage to. 2001 a space odyssey is one of my all time favourite movies, even though i am afraid of creepy AI controlled things such as HAL. i often pair one of these prim eyes with one of the static contacts for a really wicked look.

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my last fave for the prim eye blog comes from house of ruin. i first encountered their store via the DSN system and immediately fell in love with their unique eyes. this is the hell-ena eye in “guaricana”. i bought the set which also comes with a cross pupil and a slit pupil, as well as this one which has no pupil.

and that concludes the prim eye portion of this! next blog will be normal non-prim system eyes.

eyes shown:

Static Contacts – nebulosus severine (night ghast/numinos) (possibly unavailable)
Ice Eyes – AVid
HAL Eyes – Burning Chrome (possibly unavailable)
Hell-ena Eyes – House of Ruin