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Furry Friday #1 Zelda Zerstören

Furry Friday #1 Zelda Zerstören

so i’m starting a new series on the blog, in order to get YOU my lovely readers, to realize that you don’t always have to be a human in sl, i’ve decided to start furry friday on my blog! every week i’ll show some pictures of my fuzzy avatars, and hopefully this will encourage some of you to break out of the human mold :p or at least… i can look cute in my furries.

so this is Zelda Zerstören, a spotty grey mountain lynx, she enjoys driving tanks, sniping things, and fighting with a certain stupid dog. she’s a newer furry character of mine but she had such a personality that i’ve kinda warmed up to her pretty quickly.

shopping list:

avatar: Utilizator Kemono
skin mod: burd designs kemono lynx mod
ears/tail: [D]oki – lynx ears/tail
hair: [LCKY] Miri
claws: [NI.JU] Kemono Nails . claw

outfit: {Shiro Ni Kuro} military outfit

poses: double take